What is Clean Air for Brent (CAfB)?

Clean Air for Brent is a coalition of residents’ associations, community groups and individuals in Brent focused on raising awareness, changing behaviours and lobbying for better measures to tackle air pollution in order to improve public health outcomes. All concerned about these issues are invited to join CAfB (see below and on the contact page, or email us at cafbrent@gmail.com).

How did we come about?

Since early 2016 various residents’ groups, transition towns and Brent Friends of the Earth had been discussing their concerns about pollution and undertaking separate air pollution monitoring in parts of the borough as part of a ‘citizen science’ project. When we met to compare results we realised we needed to act together. Thus we formed Clean Air for Brent (CAfB).

CAfB has four strategic aims:

  1. Raising awareness of the impact of air pollution
  2. Championing means of reducing air pollution to effect behavioural change
  3. Being a strong and active advocate for policy and legislative change
  4. Being a custodian and trusted source of local knowledge and information on action on air quality in the Borough.

CAfB’s five point plan:

  1. Raise awareness of the health risks of air pollution
  2. Reduce the use of diesel vehicles in the borough and the level of idling
  3. Increase walking and cycling
  4. Secure cleaner, greener public transport across the borough
  5. Green the borough to provider greater protection from air pollution

Supporting organisations include:

Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn (TTKK ); Queen’s Park Residents’ Association (QPARA); Transition Willesden (TW);  Aylestone Park Residents and Tenants Association(APRATA); Brent Eleven Streets (BEST); Kensal Rise Residents Association (KRRA); Kensal Triangle Residents Association (KTRA) and Brent Friends of the Earth. If your organisation would like to join forces with CAfB, or you would like to join us as an individual please email us via the contacts page.

What Clean Air for Brent has done so far:

Here is our CAfB 1st Annual Report where you can find out everything we did from our formation in June 2017 up to the time of our first formal Annual General Meeting in 2018. As a small volunteer-led group we have not been as active during the challenges of the pandemic though we continue to fight for clean air.

If you would like to support CAfB with a donation towards costs of meetings and publicity we would be most grateful as we have not to date made any funding applications and are so far reliant on members financial support. If you would like to do so – we suggest £50 for organisations who would like to join us, and £10 for individuals – please email cafbrent@gmail.com for information on how to do so.

Please join us on Facebook and Twitter:



CAfB Steering Committee is currently:

  • Chair – Mark Falcon
  • Treasurer – Jessica Greenhalf
  • Secretary – Talia Abbott Chalew
  • Website lead – Janey McAllester

If you would like to contact a specific steering group member please email CAfBrent@gmail.com putting FAO and the person’s name in the subject line. If you are interested in joining the steering committee please email us with your particular interests and what you would like to contribute.

CAfB Constitution


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