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Protesting against bus pollution in Kensal riseTfL’s dirty little secret – NO2 from buses – unmasked in Kensal Rise




TfL scrappage scheme

A New ULEZ car and motorcycle scrappage scheme has been launched by TfL in January 2020.  Find out more here.

Brent Breathes

The Report of the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee: Air Quality Scrutiny Inquiry December 2019 can be found here.

CAfB commissioned report from Imperial College 2019

We are delighted to share Getting Ready for the Extended ULEZ 2021 by four Environmental MSc students from Imperial College London. This work was commissioned by Clean Air for Brent as part of an annual programme in which groups of Environmental MSc students produce short research reports for local clients, be it local councils or voluntary bodies such as ours. The process has been a stimulating one for both parties. We are most grateful to Dr Audrey de Nazelle, the course director, and the students for the opportunity and for the result.
The report is focussed on Brent. After an explanation of air quality issues in the UK and of the Mayor’s proposals for London in the shape of the ULEZ 2021 from Section 3 onwards (p.26) the report sets out the situation in Brent and discusses what Brent residents know about the proposals and, when they are properly informed, what action they are likely to take.
Based on 180 usable survey responses from residents living inside the proposed boundary (the North Circular Road) and some living outside it the indications are that the first group will aim to change their car, if the one they own now is non-compliant, while the remainder will mainly modify their daily journeys.
Since the report is quite long (76 pages including annexes) we suggest that readers give priority to pages 26-50. These provide much relevant information about Brent, in addition to the new survey results mentioned.
Readers may wonder why the topic was chosen when the 2021 ULEZ extension is still two years away. There are two main reasons. The first is that owners may be taking decisions to change their vehicles now and they need to know how any replacement vehicle will be affected. Secondly, there may well be a backlash against the charging regime and for that reason public authorities and campaigners need to continue to make the case for reductions in the use of vehicles generally, especially the older generally more polluting vehicles the ULEZ is intended to discourage. After all our health is at stake.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone

We have seen the first phase of the new ULEZ but there are many unanswered questions about it. Read the CAfB ULEZ blog for our thoughts on it so far.

CAfB commissioned report from Imperial College

Four students studying for their MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial worked with CAfB to produce this illuminating report A Study on Air Quality in Brent – Imperial College. We encourage you to read it and circulate it along with CAfB launch statement on Imperial report .

Polluted Schools

The Mayor of London’s School Air Quality Audits, including recommendations, were published on 24 May 2018.  These include two Brent primary schools – Ark Franklin in Kensal Rise – audit report link here:; and John Keble in Harlesden – link here: We don’t think they go nearly far enough, and have issued a press release today urging Brent Council and TfL to take radical action to reduce our children’s exposure to illegal levels of air pollution in the classroom.

The UK Government has also published its new Clean Air Strategy: The consultation period runs until 14 August 2018 and we will be responding.  As ever you are welcome to send us your thoughts.


Local Elections 3 May 2018

We hope that you were able to make Clean Air an issue when talking to candidates and canvassers in the local elections and will continue to do so in any communications with our representatives.  The new Lead Member for Environment is Krupa Sheth and we look forward to working with her and the team at Brent Council.

In the run-up to the election we asked each of the main parties to provide us with up to 300 words on what their undertaking is to secure better and cleaner air quality outcomes for all residents in the borough. Here are the replies we received:

Brent Conservative statement

Brent Green Party statement

Brent Labour statement

Brent LibDems statement


Could e-bikes be part of our future?

See this BBC article and TfL info, test rides and discounts.


CAfB’s Responses to Consultations

CAfB response to TFL Taxi consultation April 2015

CAfB response to LIP3 Nov 2018

CAfB response to Defra Consultation on the Clean Air Strategy August 2018

CAfB Response ULEZ Consultation 25 Feb 2018

CAfB Response to the Mayor’s Environment Strategy 17 November 2017

CAfB responded to the Joint Committee Inquiry into Improving Air Quality – IMPROVING AIR QUALITY INQUIRY SUBMISSION FINAL 8 November 2017

CAfB responded to the government’s consultation – “Draft plans to improve air quality in the UK – tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities” – CAfB Response to GVT Consultation 14 June 2017

We have also responded to the following but these are not always easily captured:

Brent Local Plan issues

Brent Proposals for Kensal Corridor

Mayor’s Transport Plan for London

Brent’s AQAP

CAfB compiled some information on car ownership and other licensed vehicles in  Brent:

Car or van availability 2011

Total licensed vehicles in brent by fuel type 2016


Robin Sharp receives Community Champion of the Year award, nominated by CAfB  CAFB press release RS Pride of Brent

CAfB Letter to the Prime Minister re diesel scandal 4 April 2017

CAfB Constitution